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Meet Isaac

Isaac comes from an educated Christian family. His parents are both civil servants, and his mother trades goods as well. She teaches Isaac the Word of God and his father encourages him to study hard. It sounds like Isaac’s family is doing very well for themselves. 

But they live in Nigeria, and Nigeria paints fear and sadness on the hearts of many due to the history of not paying civil servants regular salaries. Sometimes workers go without a paycheck for months. Isaac’s parents love him and want him to have a vibrant future. They are doing all they can to make that possible for their son, but injustice and corruption abound.

In 2012, Isaac received a scholarship to attend Grace & Knowledge Academy. He went to 5 different schools before coming to Grace & Knowledge Academy (GKA).. A learning disability has made school a struggle for Isaac and his stubborn nature has gotten him into trouble. “Before I came to GKA I was stubborn,” Isaac says. “If my parents told me to go buy something I would refuse and I would run out of the house. I changed because I learned that it was not God’s will.” 

Now that he is at GKA and studies the Bible everyday, Isaac’s stubbornness has been transformed into determination. He wants to overcome his learning disability and become a doctor one day. Because of this education, he fights for joy in the midst of poverty.. “I want to help people so they wont be sick and I can heal them.”

At each of our sponsorship programs around the world, children are surrounded by deep, dark poverty. But through education, good food, and most of all, the love of Christ, their lives are changing. As the sun rises each day and brings light and color to the world, so Christ's light shines through the darkness of poverty to reveal the Colors of Joy.


Will you help Isaac paint colors of joy in Nigeria & sponsor his education at GKHS?

In 2010 GKA opened its doors to 42 children and has since expanded to serve 175+ students! Isaac is one of them. Now he and 10 others make up the very first class to attend Grace and Knowledge High School (GKHS). These students live in the safety and comfort of our brand new dormitory on the school’s campus. We provide nutritious meals, a comfortable bed, a quality education and the Good News of Jesus Christ. Isaac needs the support of sponsors like you to cover the cost of his education, room and board. Sponsorships are $40 a month, and each child may be sponsored up to 4 times. Will you help Isaac paint with the Colors of Joy?

Signing up is easy. Click on the button below and select Isaac or another child you would like to sponsor. Follow the online instructions to make your first monthly payment of $40 or an annual gift of $480. An auto bank withdrawal option is also available here.