Education Mobilizer

A key part of Children’s Relief Internationals efforts to share the light of Christ among the poor in word and deed is education. CRI’s US and Majority World missionaries work together to create and support ministries that offer quality general and spiritual education. This includes teaching reading, writing and math along with Biblical foundations about Jesus Christ and His love for the world. CRI efforts to support this work are rooted in offering both individual and group child sponsorships. 

Please note: Children's Relief International is a Christian Mission Agency. We look for individuals with a strong sense of calling from God to serve in modern day missions. Like similar agencies, all CRI staff members raise support for their salaries. We help the support raising process through professional presentations and personal training. Please consider your willingness to raise support before sending an application.


Child Education Sponsorships role supports and strengthens CRI’s child sponsorship programs that offer education to children.  


Countries with current child education programs:

  • Dondo, Mozambique, Africa

  • Savane, Mozambique, Africa

  • Jege, Nigeria, Africa

  • Tehan, Myanmar

  • South Asia - 1 location

  • Blantyre, Malawi

  • Kampala, Uganda & Refugee Camps



  • Become an expert on the range of child education ministries CRI supports. This includes study of countries and cultures, cross cultural communication and education practices and building a relationship with our majority world missionary partner(s). 

  • Work directly with CRI Missionaries and CRI Home Office to track program donor/sponsor relationships and aid the flow of information (updates and opportunities) and thank you’s to child sponsors. 

  • Travel to program sites to audit sponsorship programs, offering help and advice where needed. 

  • Identify people and resources that can support and strengthen the work, and offer financial support. 

  • When appropriate, research approaches to global Christian education in other organizations that are similar to the CRI ministry you are responsible for and identify best practices that can be used to improve and advance the education ministry. This could include developing curriculum and instruction materials, VBS materials, student achievement tracking systems and more. 


 Use your gifts and talents to serve God and love His children! Here’s what we’re looking for...

  • A strong desire to serve the poor of our time.

  • Experience in K-12 Education: Interest and/or experience with curriculum and instruction, administration, early childhood learning in poverty, vocational training, VBS/Christian education, cross cultural communications, etc. 

  • Self Motivated

  • Cross cultural experience. 

  • Willing to travel overseas 3 times a year.

  • Willing to raise personal support for your salary. 

  • Agreement with CRI’s Statement of Faith.



  • Rockwall Texas serves as the Home Office for CRI. Sponsorship Mobilizers need to be available to work in the home office when necessary and needed. Ideally, at least one year onsite (Rockwall) is expected for this position. 

  • Yearly onsite audit of the ministry programs, teachers, students. 

  • Recruit and lead short term teams to serve at educational ministries.

  • Recruit and place short and long term interns to serve at education ministries.



  • Raise personal support (Salary is based on experience, education, skill level, etc.)

  • Don't forget about all of those airline miles!