We find our purpose in the care and concern that
Christ directed to the poor of His time.


The most urgent spiritual and physical needs in our world begin with children. We provide education, nutrition, health care and clean water where these are lacking. Where the children in our projects eat and dress well, where they laugh, play and have clothes and shoes, where they look like they are loved, it is only a matter of time before their families and community gain a higher quality of living.



Programs Providing Care

  • Grace & Knowledge Ministries — Jege, Nigeria

  • Ray of Light Ministries — Dondo, Mozambique

  • Spark of Hope Ministry — Dondo, Mozambique

  • CETHEM Ministries — Miragoane, Haiti

  • King of Kings Ministries — South Asia

  • Mudpaths Ministries — South Asia

  • Life Impact Missions — South Asia

  • Maha Ministries — South Asia

  • Shalem Christian Academy — Myanmar (Burma)


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