Campus Mobilizer Intern

Are you a college student with a passion for Christ and serving the poor? Or are you a post-grad who loves working with college students?

We want to put your time and talents to work for a greater purpose. We are a Christ-centered non-profit with an ambitious mission—To take the light of Christ to the poor of our time. Join us for a one-year commitment as a University Student Mobilizer. 

The University Student Mobilizer will interact with campus leaders, campus mission/student groups, and churches students attend in the effort to awaken and enable service with CRI among the poor. You will learn the in’s and outs of CRI’s mission strategies and the projects and programs we help around the world. You will form and co-lead a short-term mission team to one of CRI’s overseas projects while organizing meetings and events to promote CRI’s work.


  • A strong desire to serve the poor of our time

  • Friendly and relational personality

  • Involved on your college campus

  • Organized and self-motivated

  • Willing to serve with us for at least one year

  • Agreement with our Statement of Faith


  • A one-year commitment (Average weekly work is 2-10 hours)

  • Your college campus

  • Short term trip to a CRI Overseas Project


Campus Mobilizer Experience

Learn about CRI and how we are serving the poor.

The internship begins with training on who CRI is and how we lean into the work of taking Christ to the poor. You’ll learn about our Theology of Poverty, Theology of Service and other views that form our vision and mission. You will also learn about the diverse ways our national partners are caring for the poor around the world. 

If possible we will have you visit our home office in Rockwall, Texas. You will meet CRI Missionaries and get a good feel for who we are face to face. There is also a chance for some good food and fellowship thrown in!

Once you feel confident about who CRI is and how we go about the work – we’ll help you think through ways to speak out on behalf of the children and families we are helping, and invite others to help care for those within our reach. 

  • Identify a CRI project or program you want to advocate for and lead a team to see

  • Set an advocate goal and trip date


Cast a vision for service to the poor among your friends and classmates. 

  • Host one event per semester

  • Invite classmates to join you on the short term trip

  • Connect other students and organizations on campus to CRI’s work


The average short-term team trip is 10 days on the field. CRI sets up team experiences based on what our national partners feel is the greatest benefit to those in their care. Caring for children, encouraging and praying for the sick, needy and broken, building homes, hosting VBS, tutoring English are just some of the things teams lean into at our projects. The benefits of the experience include helping the needy feel Christ’s love in Word and deed and at the same time will strengthen your faith and self-awareness before God and your fellow man.


  • Our hope is that you will return ready and willing to continue to speak on behalf of CRI and those you have helped

  • Keep in touch with us. Ask questions, pitch ideas and receive encouragement. We're here to help!


The role is unpaid but we promise the following things…

  • A larger family – If you chose to help us, you are choosing to join the CRI family. The Home Office in Rockwall will be a new home away from home as we’ll be praying for you often and connecting with you A LOT. We’ll pay to get you to Rockwall for the initial training and then invite you to celebrate with us at least once during your experience.

  • Stipend for your events – In many cases we can find funds to help you host fund-raising events. The more radical the idea the harder we try to find funding for it!

  • Sweet Swag – Including CRI T’s, stickers and other goodies.

  • Fundraising help – While you will need to raise the funds to go on the short-term trip, we’ll be with you every step. We got some good tips on how to make fundraising not feel like a drag.



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