south asia


Since 2007 we have served alongside our national leaders in South Asia. We currently work in 6 different areas. 


king of kings ministries

Our national missionaries, who we affectionately call them the “G. Brothers,” are persistent in their desire to bring their people to Christ. We call our project with them "King of Kings". It includes a home for desperately poor children, supporting native pastors in the nearby deep forest region, carrying medical aid into its villages and providing microloans to women in a rock quarry. 

Mudpaths Director, Smriti, takes Christ to children, young girls, abused women, and widows—those desperately in need of his touch. We have given her the nickname “Mighty Mouse,” as she is fearless in standing up and defending the one true God in a city filled with gods.



Our ministry directors, 'J' & 'R', strive to plant churches among first-generation believers. They conduct several AIDS outreach programs in their city, especially among orphans and families. R’s medical and counseling degrees allow them to conduct mobile medical clinics and provide basic counseling specifically for women who live in the villages outside their city.


Madurai Ministries

Our national leader, Sam's, passion is to make Christ’s name known to his country of a billion people with a million gods and show them that there is only one living God. He serves as a teacher and the Academic Dean at the Bible School in his city. This role will allow him to teach rural evangelists biblical foundation courses. He plans to start a literacy program for poor families in nearby villages, as well as a feeding program for the neglected and sick. He also hopes to establish a K–12 school for children living in deep poverty.



Life Impact Missions

South Asia contributes to 40% of the world’s child trafficking. Life Impact Directors, the "L" Family, live in a country with about half a million child prostitutes and 25 million children growing up on the streets. Here, one in every three children is malnourished. Along with their daughter, the "L" Family have started Alive Bible Club, a ministry to children in extreme poverty. They have also begun planting churches and training pastors.



Shalem Christian Academy

In Myanmar, many parents work all day in the rice fields and are too busy, too poor, and too tired to send their children to school. Our national leaders', Lian and Lunnu’s, vision is to bring these children, especially orphans, into their Shalem Christian Academy. The name Shalem is Hebrew, meaning “complete, whole, and perfect.” Their goal for their students is to teach them not only how to survive, but to love God, love their neighbor, and be useful to society.