Amy fisher's fundraiser
For mozambique 2016


GOAL: $3,000 | DEADLINE: June 4, 2016


Friends and Family,

“To see the land so dry hurts my heart. But to see people hungry to the point of malnutrition and starvation? That hurts much much worse. It is impossible to talk about hope and about Jesus if we have nothing to give first.” - The most recent update from Noemia Cessito, CRI's national leader in Mozambique.

At Mozambique’s most critical period of the agricultural season, a severe drought has caused an estimated 40% loss of crops. Thousands of people are at risk of food insecurity. In an already poverty-stricken country, this means even more devastation and hardship.

On June 4th, I will lead a 10-day short-term trip to Dondo, Mozambique. My team will minister to mothers affected by the drought in the Tessa Grace Nutrition program, where we provide milk for malnourished babies. We will serve alongside our activistas (outreach coordinators) through Project Life conducting Bible studies, offering prayer, and meeting some of the specific needs
within the community. We will feed and encourage those sick with HIV and AIDS in the local hospital through our Soup Solution program. And we will also get a snapshot of several other CRI ministries.

The country’s drought and food shortage offers a picture of the dryness and drought in all of our hearts without Christ’s saving work. My team and I have the chance to share in God's work of satisfying both the spiritual and physical hunger of those in need.

As the Africa short-term team coordinator for CRI this is an awesome opportunity for me. By leading a
team to Mozambique myself, I will be able to better equip future team membersserving with CRI and better promote our projects.

This trip is a team project, and I need you on my team! First, I need your prayers for the ministry that lies ahead. And I need your help to get to Mozambique. I need to raise a total of $3,000. I have $1,500 already raised, so I only have $1,700 to go!

Would you to prayerfully consider investing in my trip? Donations are due by June 1st and all gifts to CRI are tax-deductible.

God has given me an incredible gift in the family and friends He's placed in my life. Without you I would not be the person I am today. So I can never say it enough – thank you!! Please know that your ongoing support and prayers mean the world to me!

Much love,