Our mission is to take the light of Christ to the poor of our time.

Take the light of Christ

Wherever Christ went, the poor were taught, healed, saved, and helped (Matt. 9:35; Luke 4:18-21). It is no different today because He is still around, involved and acting on their behalf. As we take Him through our words and our actions, through our programs and ministries, people come to know Him and are helped, healed and saved in the same way.

To the poor

In His opening sermon at Nazareth, Jesus said, "I have come to preach good news to the poor." Throughout Christ's life, he made time for the sick, the weak and the needy. Today is no different. He is the model for our ministry.

Of our time

We live during a time when a billion people live in deep poverty, far outside the reach of Christ's name. Such great needs give our work a sense of urgency. We only have this one opportunity to love God and our neighbor. We want to make the most of it.