In poor neighborhoods of South Asia, families lack clean water and electricity. Due to high transportation costs, they cannot access government services or hospitals. Children suffer from malnourishment. With little energy and no money for help, children fall behind in school. They remain in poverty traps.

Our Alive Bible Clubs give children and young adults the chance to break free. 5 days a week, we hold after-school sessions for children. Our tutors check different subjects and tailor the curriculum to students’ needs. On Saturdays, we hold open Bible classes. Students of all ages come for Bible lessons, prayer-time, and nutritious snacks.

Because of Alive Bible Clubs, we not only have healthier, smarter students but more of them! We now reach over 300.

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will keep our Alive Bible Clubs active. Your gifts will pay for children’s snacks, school supplies, tutor salaries, maintenance costs, and utilities.

Will you receive updates?

You will receive two updates a year, each about the children of our Alive Bible Clubs.


Partner with us!

Sponsor the children of Alive Bible Club through a program sponsorship of $25/month.